[CentOS-devel] openafs userspace packages

Andrew Deason adeason at sinenomine.net
Wed Oct 1 00:09:57 UTC 2014

On Tue, 30 Sep 2014 17:57:59 -0400
ross smith <gaurdro at gaurdro.net> wrote:

>>  - The 'compat' subpackage has been removed, but I'm not sure why.
> I was pruning from the original package and it ended up empty, so I
> dropped it instead of figuring out what should be included. I assumed
> it would come up before it was stabilized if someone cared about it.
> I wouldn't be opposed to recreating it for  <7 with or without the
> transarch paths.  I think RHEL/CentOS 7 is a big enough change that
> starting as clean as possible would be worthwhile.

I could see the 'transarc' compatibility symlinks going away after some
releases, but certainly not yet with just EL7 (since the openafs.org EL6
RPMs still use them). These are paths that are mostly of concern only to
administrators (but I would double-check that at some point).

For the compat symlinks that are in the existing 'compat' subpackage,
though, these are more visible to users and decades-old scripts and
such. Some things are run from /afs and don't care if they are on EL6 or
EL7 or whatever, but they assume /usr/afsws/bin/fs or somesuch always
exists, as a kind of public interface established a long time ago.

I won't argue terribly hard for this, since I (or someone) can always
maintain a small package separately that does this if it's needed. But
the maintenance just seems so small that getting rid of it doesn't seem
like much gain.

> >  - Just to note: I originally thought that CentOS would just provide
> >    packages for RHEL/CentOS 7, and that users of 6 could use the
> At least for userspace I think the complexity is small enough to
> support both 6 and 7.

For the spec file maintenance side of things, I was thinking of the
systemd/non-systemd, which I suppose isn't so bad.

Andrew Deason
adeason at sinenomine.net

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