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Wed Apr 15 17:40:25 UTC 2015
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 13/04/15 23:00, Colin Walters wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 8, 2015, at 02:31 PM, Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
>> I don't think EPEL could fit in here because the audience for EPEL is
>> a lot more conservative in what they want than what people working on
>> anything from this decade want.
> An important point of this "CentOS.devel" repository would be that EPEL
> would *not* be present in the buildroot - this is only for newer
> versions of the core packages which should be self-hosting.

A while back, we spoke about having repos that dont map to SIG's - sort
of a common pool that anyone from any SIG might be able to contribute
into. The driving problem-space for that, was to setup an idea of
upstreams, where people could build + push content that mapped to
upstream releases, so users wanting to optionally switch to one or two
cherry picked components might be able to do so easily.

We could create something similar for this space you defined, call it
something like 'Rawhide' ( or a better word really ) - and allow
arbitrary content in there, but it would still need to come via a SIG
route, so there is decentralisation of content control. One of the
challenges in this model would be that all content would more or less
rely on other content in the same repo. I am not sure if that would be
more of a problem ?

given that koji tagging is cheap - and there is some work around
creating tag's automagically - could we overload that a bit an find a
way to build one or more, and only those one or more srpms in a chain
that link to other content in the distro ( thereby creating a series of
repos, each delivering one or more features, without needing to consume
the entire 'devel' stack ).

- KB

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