[CentOS-devel] Building a downstream CentOS Atomic Host

Fri Apr 17 13:16:58 UTC 2015
Ian McLeod <imcleod at redhat.com>

On 04/14/2015 06:22 AM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Hi,
> One of the things that the Atomic SIG will attempt to do is build a
> downstream CentOS Atomic host, that is modelled on the RHEL Atomic host.
> Most code and info needed for this is now available, and its a good
> point to think about the build, release process. I've attached a map of
> what that might look like. Think of it as a proposal.
> Some of the things that are marked with red stars are things that we
> will try and help, from the Core SIG, to get this process onramped - but
> largely we are looking at community and SIG involvement here with the
> aim that the entire process can be offload ( taken over ? ) but the
> community.
> This process proposed here very closely maps to the Core CentOS Linux
> process.
> I would very much like to hear comments and thoughts around this from
> everyone on centos-devel, specially around areas where people can help.

This looks good to me and I'm keen to assist.

As a starting point, I've put up a snapshot of the non-RPM metadata that
is being used to generate the upstream Atomic content.  It differs
substantially from the current CentOS Atomic SIG content and will need
at least some modification to be workable.

It's currently sitting in this directory and branch of my fork of the
Atomic SIG repo:


Prior to the full RPM source drop being available, I'd like to at least
try some initial smoke test tree composes using the SIG content in CBS.
 I will attempt to start on this early next week.

I'd also be interested in getting plugged in on the CI/CD infrastructure
side of things.


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