[CentOS-devel] RH patches v/s vanilla docker in CentOS

Mon Apr 20 11:25:46 UTC 2015
George Dunlap <dunlapg at umich.edu>

On Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 9:52 PM, Lokesh Mandvekar
<lsm5 at fedoraproject.org> wrote:
> I'm hoping to reach a decision on how we handle docker rpms (vanilla +/- rh
> patches)
> There's the default docker that CentOS gets in extras from RHEL which comes
> with RH patches (of course). But this kinda comes quite a bit after upstream
> docker releases.
> Next up is 'docker' in virt SIG which usually tracks upstream releases. Would
> people prefer this build be vanilla upstream or with RH patches included.
> Then there is 'docker-master' in virt SIG which is a daily rebuild of docker
> upstream master branch + redhat patches.
> We could either:
> a) ship 'docker' in virt SIG with RH patches and also provide a
> 'docker-upstream' which is a vanilla upstream package
> b) ship 'docker' in virt SIG without any RH patches and provide a
> 'docker-redhat' with RH patches

What do the RH patches actually do?

I think either one could make sense depending on how much value the
patches provide / how much they cost to port to the latest release.