[CentOS-devel] Central Auth: Group naming and Process Proposal

Mike McLean mikem at imponderable.org
Tue Aug 18 16:29:24 UTC 2015

Note that Koji doesn't actually limit building, it limits tagging. So you
can run scratch builds and skip-tag builds against any tag, regardless of
permissions. You just can't tag those builds when they are done.

The 'build' permission in Koji is actually unused currently.

Tagging is limited on two levels in Koji. The basic level is the permission
requirement that can be set for each tag. When this is set, only users with
the required permission can tag or untag there.

The next level is to adjust the tag policy on the hub (in hub.conf). This
gives you more flexibility, and allows for more complex logic, but updating
the hub config is a little more complicated than just running some edit-tag
commands. You can read more about Koji policies here:
(unfortunately not a complete doc, but better than nothing)

I think syncing FAS groups data to CBS permissions sounds reasonable. Using
permissions means you can just use the tag permission settings and not have
to worry about hub policy.

On Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 4:04 AM, Thomas Oulevey <thomas.oulevey at cern.ch>

> On 08/06/2015 08:47 AM, Sandro Bonazzola wrote:
>> On Wed, Aug 5, 2015 at 10:01 PM, Brian Stinson <brian at bstinson.com
>> <mailto:brian at bstinson.com>> wrote:
>>     Hi All,
>>     We're working on testing instances of FAS for storing our user/group
>>     membership information used by the CBS. I'd like to talk about group
>>     naming and the permissions model to get some input. The goal is to get
>>     these discussions going so we can set up our test environment to
>> mirror
>>     what we'll roll out in production. Consider this a proposal, and
>> please
>>     send comments my way (on-list please!).
>>     Groups will use the convention 'sig-<shortname>', for example: people
>> in
>>     the Cloud SIG will be members of the FAS group 'sig-cloud'. This
>>     convention will allow push access in dist-git to any branch that
>> starts
>>     with sig-cloud (sig-cloud7, sig-cloud7-openstack,
>>     sig-cloud7-openstack-juno) and grant build permissions under the SIG
>>     tags
>>     in Koji[0].
>>     FAS has 3 types of membership in a group: Admin, Sponsor, and User.
>>     All 3
>>     levels will be granted commit/build permissions, while only Admins and
>>     Sponsors can modify members of the group.
>>     To match our permissions model[1], I propose:
>>     - We populate the 'Accounts' (Global Admin) group with the members
>>     of the
>>        CentOS Board.
>>     - The Board member responsible for each SIG will create the
>> appropriate
>>        SIG group in FAS
>>     - The Board member will add him/herself as an admin of the group
>>     - The Board member will sponsor the SIG Chair as a sponsor for the
>> group
>>     - From then on, the SIG Chair and Board member can sponsor others
>>     into the
>>        group as users (and optionally add more sponsors to the group)
>>     Anyone have thoughts? Once we reach consensus, I'll get this written
>> up
>>     for the SIG wiki page.
>> +1 on my side
> +1 It looks good ; As a side note for koji we will need to have a
> permission that match the SIG ; the default permission for building is
> "build".
> What we proposed is to have build-<signame> (build-cloud, build-nfv,
> build-virt ...) so we can match groups between FAS and Koji.
> Now I don't think we want finer grained permission to project level e.g :
> build-<signame>-<project> (build-cloud-openstack) as everybody in a SIG
> should be trusted to do the right thing, however if there is some use case
> let us know.
> This will be transparent to users, and add an extra security bit (no cross
> SIG errors) but we will need to sync FAS groups with Koji users/permissions.
> --
> Thomas Oulevey
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