[CentOS-devel] Embargoed content in CBS

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Thu Aug 27 19:33:54 UTC 2015

We have a need to be able to generate embargoed content for SIGs.  As an
example, Xen publishes embargoed content where we need to apply patches,
build an SRPM and then binary RPMs.

We can not do this in an open build system as the content must be
embargoed until after the release date.

What I think we need is password protected input and builds in the CBS
and password protected repos for the resultant RPMs.  We could then
control access to those specific locations via login.

Does the current version of koji support that?

If not, we could create an embargoed build area(s) in the current CentOS
build system, where the output of the build system is not transferred to
buildlogs.centos.org  .. but I would also need to point to the proper
repos in the CBS as well.

Who, besides the Xen rpms in the virt SIG might need this embargoed
build capability?

Johnny Hughes

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