[CentOS-devel] 4 week Atomic Releases?

Michael P. McGrath mmcgrath at redhat.com
Mon Mar 9 15:53:32 UTC 2015

In conjunction with this Fedora Atomic thread:

I'd like to continue discussion about CentOS Atomic and a move to a 4
week release cycle.  I'm specifically targeting CentOS Atomic here, and
as it turns out we are very close to doing this today with a new Atomic
build being targeted roughly every Month by Ian.

In the larger ecosystem, the development versions released in Fedora
would be tested there for a bit and then drawn down to the CentOS Atomic
image and released.  We think we can move a bit faster in Atomic because
of it's simple rollback function.

Since the CentOS Atomic images are already so close to what is being
proposed, this is likely to be a formalization of what is being done and
better highlighting of the CentOS Atomic image on the projectatomic.io

Any thoughts or comments?

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