[CentOS-devel] including 3rd party repo release RPMs in Extras

Carl George carl.george at RACKSPACE.COM
Sat Mar 28 20:32:14 UTC 2015


My name is Carl, and I'm a developer for the IUS Community repository.

CentOS users have easy access to the EPEL repo because the epel-release RPM is in the CentOS Extras repository.  Obviously CentOS and EPEL have a special relationship, since they are both sponsored by Red Hat.  A coworker suggested to me that it would be nice if the ius-release RPM could be included in Extras as well.  I brought the idea up in IRC, and Karanbir suggested I draft up a specification that any third party repository can follow to be considered for inclusion.  Here is what I have so far.


If this looks familiar, it's because I used the IUS SafeRepo Initiative as a starting point.  Please share your feedback and ideas.

Carl George
Rackspace RPM Development

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