[CentOS-devel] Some quick notes on Atomic Vagrant builds in the CBS

Ian McLeod

imcleod at redhat.com
Wed Mar 4 04:42:36 UTC 2015


As of about a week ago, we've been able to build Vagrant boxes
containing the CentOS Atomic build in the CBS.  I've put up an example
script in my development fork of the Atomic SIG repo here:


The "do_vagrant_cbs.sh" script in particular will flatten the
atomic/vagrant kickstart files and kick off a scratch build.  This
assumes you have access to the CBS and have set up a koji profile called
"cbs" pointing at the CentOS infra.  Details here:


Here's a successful scratch build:


Note that the output is, for the moment, confusingly named.

The Vagrant Virtualbox ".box" file (most commonly used on Mac) has the
extension ".vsphere.ova"

The Vagrant KVM/libvirt ".box file has the extension ".rhevm.ova"


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