[CentOS-devel] GSoC 2015 status, mentors, and a call for extra help

Karsten Wade

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Mon Mar 9 20:31:28 UTC 2015

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As many of you know, the CentOS Project was chosen as a mentoring
organization for this year's Google Summer of Code. Yay!

Some of you have been asked already to be mentors around specific
projects, and Karanbir (mainly) and myself are talking 1:1 with those
people to confirm you want to do it, answer concerns, etc. You can
contact me directly with any questions you have.

I want to open this discussion for a public chat about what mentoring
entails, etc. We'll be populating the mentor/admin mailing list soon,
and that's when we'll really dig in to the fundamentals of being a
mentor as well as the administriva of the project.

In addition, the student proposal creation and review process benefits
from more mentors than will just work directly with students.

If you have any interest in being involved in the GSoC but cannot or
do not want to mentor a specific project, there are several ways we'd
love your help:

* Join the proposal review process, helping students craft good and
sane proposals.[1]
* Help vote on the final selection of students and projects.
* Be a leader within the community especially during the students'
initial "getting to know the community" phase (it lasts a few months
before coding starts.)


- - Karsten

[1] Create a profile here, then make a connection to the project:


If you have any problems getting connected, email me your username in
that system and I'll make the connection from the admin side.

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