[CentOS-devel] CBS build tags and git branches names for SCL

Jim Perrin

jperrin at centos.org
Wed Mar 4 12:56:55 UTC 2015

On 03/04/2015 06:42 AM, Honza Horak wrote:

> There is also another idea Remi suggested.. It's basically about having
> 3 repositories:
> - centos-scl => downstream of RHSCL, same content, only for CentOS users
> - centos-scl-devel / testing => upstream of RHSCL (we need to ensure
> that NEVR in this repo < previous one) and perhaps additional packages
> (for CentOS and RHSCL users)
> - centos-scl-sig / additional / stable => package NOT in RHSCL. This can
> be used by CentOS and RHSCL users.

I like this idea, but I'm not crazy about the name of the last one, as
it's not entirely clear what it is. I might suggest
centos-scl-sup(plementary). You guys are the SIG. These packages would
supplement what exists already.

This would be a good repo for the 500-odd perl module scl packages we've
been contacted about as well.

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