[CentOS-devel] cbs feature req: building embargoed content

Brian Stinson

bstinson at ksu.edu
Thu Mar 5 16:11:01 UTC 2015

On Mar 05 15:09, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> On 05/03/15 15:02, Brian Stinson wrote:
> > On Mar 05 11:41, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> >> On 09/26/2014 02:33 PM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> >>>> Currently koji doesn't have any read access controls, or at least not
> >>>> any related to builds. Most folks would probably either use a private
> >>>> koji, or just run mock against koji's yum repos.
> >>>>
> >>>> Are we really only talking about a scratch build type scenario, or do
> >>>> folks want a real build that is hidden? Difference being that in the
> >>>> former case, you'd end up running a non-scratch rebuild after the
> >>>> embargo lifts, while in the latter you'd flip a switch and have the
> >>>> build appear.
> >>>>
> >>>> The latter case is much harder (and also begs for embargo lockdown in
> >>>> source control), but neither is trivial to implement.
> >>>
> >>> What we really need is a way for $person to build 'stuff' without it
> >>> going public. If that means the sources cant hit git.centos.org then
> >>> thats ok, we just need to make sure folks understand that
> >>> no-commit-to-git.c.o till public.
> >>>
> >>> If that then imples that koji's targets can only be used once stuff is
> >>> public, that too might be fine ( as long as the person has had the
> >>> change to test builds against the same target in the past ).
> >>>
> >>> Our exposure in this case would then be limited to the time it takes to
> >>> build something, and since the scratch builds will use the same repos -
> >>> we can be fairly confident (!) about result; we'd still test it, but we
> >>> can go into the testing with a higher level of confidence.
> >>
> >> reviving an old thread - we're again in a situation where we need SIGs
> >> to be able to build security updates and do some testing around content
> >> that is under embargo.
> >>
> >> Depending on how much work this is, do we go down the route of replacing
> >> one of the koji builders with a reimzul like instance that runs private
> >> builds ? reimzul can generate per-build htaccess entries for basic-auth,
> >> that way ( apart from folks who have shell access to the machine ),
> >> there is some level of privacy as well.
> >>
> >> If we do go down that route, we'd need a way for koji to import those
> >> builds at a later stage, when they need to be signed and released.
> >>
> > 
> > When we brought this up at the CBS meeting I remember talking about
> > having the SIGs do local mockbuilds (perhaps on devcloud?) and then
> > commit to their branches after the embargo is lifted. Are there some
> > requirements that aren't covered by that workflow? 
> there is no way to prep-ahead and test-ahead using this, also it means
> folks need to be around and standing by as embargo is lifted. in many
> cases, thats not possible.
> I'm assuming that you meant commit to their branch, then trigger a
> build, and then do the testing.

Something like: 

1) Create VM on devcloud
2) Pull package from git.c.o
3) Patch with embargoed content
4) `centpkg mockbuild`
5) Local tests 
   - Should be valid since they would be building against koji repos
6) (Once the Embargo is lifted) Commit, push, and build in koji
7) CI Tests? 
8) Tag/Sign/Release

Looking back, that was our "temporary" workflow we talked about in our
meeting in September[1]. 

For the permanent solution (whether reimzul or something else) we may
want to look at some convenience methods in the client tools. 



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