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Karsten Wade

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Thu Mar 5 21:26:54 UTC 2015

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On 03/05/2015 03:30 AM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Hi,
> We have some of our content currently hosted on gitorious.org that
> we mirror from git.centos.org - the intention being that
> git.centos.org is still the authority, but people can use the
> easier contribution path at gitorious to build karma and then get
> direct git commit access at git.centos.org
> since gitorious is going away, what are everyone's thoughts to 
> consolidating all of this external contribution path on 
> github.com/CentOS - we already host a bunch of content there.

I'll give a +0 explained this way:

There is a risk with using GitHub's services under a few conditions:

* We get reliant on the proprietary workflow software.
* We allow it to become a canonical source.
* Our use of the service is seen as tacit or explicit support of their
company or model of working with open source software.

On the first two points as long as we continue our practice of doing
workflow using open source tools on *.centos.org (e.g.
bugs.centos.org) while keeping git.centos.org canonical, then we
continue to avoid the risk.

On the last point, the tide of practice is currently flowing another
way (toward using a closed tool for open development), our using or
not using the service won't really make much of a difference. Since
the best thing about GitHub is the social coding (access to existing
contributors who do stuff), the benefit to the CentOS Project is
greater than the risk to our reputation and brand.

One thing we can do to keep mitigating the risks is to keep our eyes
open for a future open development community that serves the same
purposes and be willing to go there as well. Such as gitlab.com. :)


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