[CentOS-devel] 4 week Atomic Releases?

Jason Brooks

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Mon Mar 9 17:14:22 UTC 2015

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> Subject: [CentOS-devel] 4 week Atomic Releases?
> In conjunction with this Fedora Atomic thread:
> https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/cloud/2015-March/004976.html
> I'd like to continue discussion about CentOS Atomic and a move to a 4
> week release cycle.  I'm specifically targeting CentOS Atomic here, and
> as it turns out we are very close to doing this today with a new Atomic
> build being targeted roughly every Month by Ian.
> In the larger ecosystem, the development versions released in Fedora
> would be tested there for a bit and then drawn down to the CentOS Atomic
> image and released.  We think we can move a bit faster in Atomic because
> of it's simple rollback function.
> Since the CentOS Atomic images are already so close to what is being
> proposed, this is likely to be a formalization of what is being done and
> better highlighting of the CentOS Atomic image on the projectatomic.io
> website.
> Any thoughts or comments?

I think we should discuss/consider how this relates to RHEL Atomic --
it sounds like CentOS tracking Fedora, where elsewhere CentOS tracks

Would it make sense to have both devel and stable editions of CentOS 
Atomic, to give users the option of leading or of following?


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