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Dominic Cleal

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On 18/03/15 23:41, Karsten Wade wrote:
> On 03/18/2015 03:48 PM, Dave Neary wrote:
>> I have 7 committers to the project plus myself who will need to
>> be speakers during the call, unfortunately that does not leave
>> much room for others for this first call. We can use IRC as a 
>> back-channel and ansure viewpoints are aired & heard on the
>> call.
> Yeah, the Hangouts are more about high-bandwidth for the speakers,
> not as much about shared participation back to the community. But
> as you say, you can run it podcast-live-recording style, have folks
> on the meeting also in the IRC channel and responding to questions
> there. That might be nicer anyway than having 100 people with voice
> trying to speak over each other on the Hangout.

A Q&A app can also be enabled before starting a hangout-on-air (the
broadcast version) so users accessing it via the Google+ stream can
submit questions back to the broadcasters.  They appear in a separate
pane inside the hangout and the person hosting can select them to
answer, which links the question/answer during playback.  Other
viewers can also see and "+1" questions.

The main problem is that the delay of the stream (anywhere up to a
minute) and the slight delay (10/20 seconds?) of the Q&A app means
that it isn't immediate, so expect to see questions bubble up at the
end, or shortly after a topic has been discussed.

Here's an example from Foreman, click the "nine squares" icon in the
top right, then Q&A and you can skip to answered questions.


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