[CentOS-devel] xapi on CentOS 6

Karanbir Singh

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Tue Mar 31 10:37:04 UTC 2015

On 31/03/15 11:17, George Dunlap wrote:
> KB / Jonathan / Others,
> One of our potential GSoC students, Guatam Malu, has proposed trying
> to include xapi packages in the "Xen in a Box" project.
> He's gotten packages of xapi building for CentOS 6.6 using XenServer's
> buildroot (see below).
> The only potential issue I see is about signing.

And the content and the origin of content and the build cycle for the
entire content stream.

> As I understand it, xapi requires a newer version of ocaml than is
> available in C6.  The XenServer buildroot includes (and I think
> builds) a newer version of ocaml; but (again I think) xapi is
> statically linked, so the new ocaml packages are only required for
> build, and not for runtime.  At the moment Jonathan is trying to work
> with one of the other SIGs to get the necessary ocaml support; it's
> not clear when that will happen.
> Until that time, the only way to get xapi packages built in koji by
> the Virt SIG would be to also include the newer version of ocaml (and
> whatever other dependencies there are), which we'd like to avoid.

why ? I thought there was traction around the idea of having a full
ocaml stack that represents upstream ocaml.

> So the question is: Do we need to have all the packages on "Xen in a
> Box" CD signed with the CentOS SIG key?  If so, do we see any
> likelihood that this might be possible by July -- either having a
> suitable ocaml to build against in koji, or getting the packages built
> and signed some other way?

given that there are packages for ocaml, if someone was working on this
as a primary focus, I dont see why it should be more than a couple of
weeks worth of work to get them building. The key part here is going to
be knowledge of ocaml itself.

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