[CentOS-devel] enhancing /etc/*-release

Howard Johnson

merlin at mwob.org.uk
Tue Mar 31 21:00:16 UTC 2015

On 31/03/2015 21:53, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> what tools are these / can we reach out and help them get the right 
> content ? this solves the problem of establishing an upstream, giving 
> people who only need a lose knit baseline match and also giving people 
> the centos-7 release stream that we've been building up. At the time 
> of 7 1406 release, this was flagged up as the biggest issue that we 
> need to fix from the distro side of things. 

Hmm, ok.  Can we put that data somewhere else instead (an 
/etc/redhat-upstream-release file or something) and revert the 
redhat-release change?  We can't expect everyone to run around updating 
their system management tools for a change in a minor point release :(


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