[CentOS-devel] EL6 to EL7 Update Tool and Maintenance

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Fri Oct 2 13:18:34 UTC 2015


There exists an update tool for moving from CentOS-6 to CentOS-7 .. the
tool worked for awhile, but has gone into disrepair.  It currently does
not work (so don't use it !), but we would like to get it working and
maintain it.

The following git trees are involved in the tool:





The effort to keep this operational is a 'community effort' and it
requires users from the community to volunteer to keep it functional.  
People often ask how they can help with the CentOS Project .. if you
have the ability, this is one way.

What we need is to get all the modifications that were written for the
original test RPMs to be modified to work with the newer versions of the
Source code.

The old tree is here:


(Those changes are also in the git trees above)

What we need is for patches to be re-factored and rolled into the new
versions of all the packages.

Patches can be submitted to this list as attachments .. a git am format
would be best, as applied to the latest version of each package that is
imported into git.

We also need maintainers who will track updates to those branches and
re-factor and submit patches, also to this list as attachments, when
updated source is released.

If we can not find volunteers, we are likely going to have to take down
even the testing files, as they do not currently work.

Johnny Hughes

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