[CentOS-devel] [RFC] ConfigMgmt SIG

Julien Pivotto roidelapluie at inuits.eu
Tue Sep 29 13:09:49 UTC 2015

Hi all,

This is a request for comment about a new SIG for the CentOS project. It
is also a call for a Centos Board mentor to jump in.

The goal of this proposed SIG is to provide vendor-independent, nicely
written packages for automation tools.

Targeted automation tools include Puppet, Chef, Ansible... Some of those
tools come in a so-called all-in-one package, with everything built-in
in some vendor-defined dependencies. I do think that an alternative for
those packages should be possible. It is good for the diversity of our
ecosystems and would help anyone who wants to fine control dependencies
on those packages or patch one particular dependencies to do so.
It would also do its best to re-use system dependencies as much as
possible (e.g openssl).

That SIG will probably be a source of interests for other SIG that could
use this work to deploy their work based on community packages. It could
optionally depend on some Softwares Collections if needed.

My personal interest is to target Puppet 4 on ContOS 7, and that would
be the first objective, but this SIG is open to any Open-Source
Configuration Management tool.

About me:

I am a sysadmin using CentOS daily. I operate on several infrastructures
of different scales mixing several automation/orchestration tools. I
come from Belgium and I have been involved as a speaker at previous
CentOS DOJO's in Brussels and Paris.

 (o-    Julien Pivotto
 //\    Open-Source Consultant
 V_/_   Inuits - https://www.inuits.eu
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