[CentOS-devel] CentOS-7 / powerpc BE bring up

Karanbir Singh

kbsingh at centos.org
Fri Sep 11 11:25:40 UTC 2015

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hi Ashish,

Fabian is putting together a VM ( or 2 if you need more ), for the BE
bringup. This would be a fedora19 VM.

Fabian: Ashish has confirmed that he has all the mock configs required
to bringup the CentOS 7.1406 os/ release content, then build the
updates upto May 2015 content. So here is what I see happening,

1) Fabian to setup a VM for ppc64 BE
2) Fabian to setup a VM for ppc ( multilib, 32 bit )
3) Ashish to file a bug report at bugs.centos.org to req direct
access, include ssh key
4) Fabian to get Ashish setup, and get Ashish an account on the ipv4
5) One that is in place, Ashish to build mock itself on the machines
for either 64bit or 32bit
6) Fabian to let Ashish know the mirror url for fedora19, which would
be the base of the builds
7) Ashish should then be able to kick off the first bringup cycle,
with mock configs he already has in place.
8) build to CentOS-7 1406 content  being complete.
9) Checkpoint at this stage, to evaluate payload, build process, build
delivery and workout path to automating builds from there on.

We are going to use the centos-devel mailing list for communications,
and irc channel #centos-ppc

I am going to once again request everyone to keep AWAY from private
conversations, and stick to the community visible avenues, so we can
all track ( and help! ) as things evolve.

We can repeat the same process for LE, s/Ashish/James/ for that. I
would defer to letting Ashish and James to include other people in the
process as needed, however - all user accounts MUST be created via the
bugs.centos.org process, and its important that Fabian is able to
execute the creation + access ( so its logged and auditable ).

Once we have step-5 in place, we can engage with Jim Perrin, and
workout the modalities and process of including the effort into the
CentOS AltArch SIG - which would give us a distro, test, delivery proces

does this work for everyone involved here ?


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