[CentOS-devel] Intent to Participate in CentOS for ppc64le Beta Validation

Sameer Kumar

sameer.kumar at ashnik.com
Mon Sep 14 15:50:19 UTC 2015


We, at Ashnik, are enterprise open source experts providing Operating
system,  virtualization, Infrastructure, database, Web server and Business
Intelligence services and solutions across India and South East Asia.
Ashnik is partner with EnterpriseDB, MongoDB, Pentaho, NGINX, Red Hat.

We are excited about goods of open source coming to the hardware world with
OpenPOWER. We wish to help in best way we can in bringing choice to
enterprise segment and a cost effective Linux on Power Platform.

The customer segment we work with and kind of solution which we have seen
picking up works on Little Endian platform. Ashnik team from India is keen
to be involved in CentOS initiative and build for ppc64le. We are keen to
be part of Open Power consortium and contribute towards Beta Validations as
CentOS ppc64le build progresses
Best Regards
Sameer Kumar | DB Solution Architect

101 Cecil Street, #11-11 Tong Eng Building, Singapore 069 533

T: +65 6438 3504 | M: +65 8110 0350 | www.ashnik.com
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