[CentOS-devel] Repo for virtualization infrastructure

George Dunlap

dunlapg at umich.edu
Mon Sep 21 10:29:30 UTC 2015

A user on centos-virt asked about openvswitch, noting that there were
openvswitch packages for the cloud SIG, but that they could only be
built with the rest of openstack.

Sandro said that virt-ovirt also has "several packages tagged from the
cloud SIG".

We should probably identify a bunch of these common "infrastructure"
packages and get them all in one repo where the various sigs can
depend on them.

So "openstack" would probably be one.  Sandro, what others did you have?

Any other suggestions for packages, and a place to put them?

virt-common would make some sense; or cloud-common perhaps.


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