[CentOS-devel] Community Authentication Working Group Meeting: 29-Sep-2015 1300UTC

Brian Stinson

brian at bstinson.com
Tue Sep 22 21:36:41 UTC 2015

Hi Folks,

As some of you know, CentOS is working on deploying FAS2 for central
authentication in the Community Build System. The Fedora Infrastructure
team is working on deploying FAS3 for their needs. 

Going forward, we will need a place for us and other projects to work on
features of our authentication systems. One software option is to
explore some of the things FreeIPA brings to the table. The IPA devs
have approached both projects with the beginnings of a community portal
that will handle some of the self-service components (account requests,
password resets, etc.) and we thought it would be good to start on some
conversations in this space. 

We'll have our first meeting on Tuesday September 29th at 1300UTC in
#centos-devel on Freenode with the following agenda:

- Scope for the Community Auth Working Group 
  - Proposed GOAL: Replacing FAS with IPA + custom bits
  - Proposed GOAL: Work on a general Auth solution for other communities
- Resources we need to move forward
  - Coordinating with the IPA development team
- Schedule/Venue/Format for regular-ish meetings
  - Not necessarily frequent, but regular
- OPTIONAL: Scope for a possible Auth SIG 

Patrick Uiterwijk (Fedora Infrastructure Team) and I will help
coordinate this group.

As always, we'll keep meetbot minutes for anyone who can't make it. 


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