[CentOS-devel] CentOS-7 / powerpc BE bring up

Fabian Arrotin

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Tue Sep 15 05:22:56 UTC 2015

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On 15/09/15 06:52, Takashi Ohsawa wrote:
>> Perhaps we can get folks who have shown interest in having Power
>> on CentOS to post their preferred architecture here?
> My vote is LE architecture.  Currently , I am using CentOS on IA.
> My application porting is easy because LE is same as IA's endian.
> -- -- Takashi Ohsawa --

Well, both ppc64 and ppc64le will be built/worked on in parallel, and
there is now enough "horse power" to make that happen :-)
Bootstrapping the initial buildroot for both is the most difficult
part, and where people will have to spend time for "manual" mock
build. After that, a simple queuing system can distribute the build
jobs on multiple mock builders (like plague, koji or reimzul - centos
buildsystem - )

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