[CentOS-devel] pcs-0.9.143-15 is not rebranded


aleksander.baranowski at yahoo.pl
Mon Aug 22 20:56:30 UTC 2016


Sorry for bothering you, I just joined your list. But when I was using
different RHEL clone (SL), I found out that package pcs is not
rebranded. So whey you log into High Availability console (one operating
on 2224 and https) you have Red Hat logo.

Source1: HAM-logo.png in rpm is responsible for that.
There is also favicon in source pcs-0.9.143/pcsd/public/favicon.ico
which is Red Hat :).
Moreover there is
pcs-0.9.143/pcsd/public/css/overpass_bold-web.svg which is font owned
(???) by Red Hat :(. I don't know if it's important.

The source of every generated page has also commented Red Hat footer.
It's probably also not a big deal.

Alex Baranowski

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