[CentOS-devel] Is it possible to ran CentOS 7.2 ppc64 on PowerVM

Bryson Lee

Bryson.Lee at sslmda.com
Sat Jan 30 20:13:43 UTC 2016

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> Sent: Saturday, January 30, 2016 2:00 AM
> Is it possible to ran CentOS 7.2 ppc64 on PowerVM ?
> CentOS's initd is 37Mb, when AFAIK
> Powervm has some constrains about initrd (<= 32Mb).

Hi Vit,

We have 7.2 ppc64 running on an IBM 812L under PowerVM.

The initrd size limit AFAIK is a yaboot limitation for TFTP netboot rather than something related to PowerVM, so you have to use grub2 for the netboot instead.

IBM has a DeveloperWorks wiki page with a recipe for doing this:



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