[CentOS-devel] Config Management Sig at Interlock

Fabian Arrotin arrfab at centos.org
Wed Oct 26 05:38:49 UTC 2016

On 25/10/16 21:32, Julien Pivotto wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I will join the CentOS Interlock. At that moment we can discuss about the
> SIG. It looks like we have enough traction in the community to get
> started with Ansible. I will start working on that in the coming days,
> with people who have showed interest. Let's also meet & talk during the
> Interlock!
> Thanks.

Sounds like a plan : some people pinged me in #centos-devel yesterday
about that, seeing that I rebuilt (for infrastructure6/infrastructure7)
ansible too. Actually, quite some other projects seem to need it (like
origin and ceph, but don't know if other SIGs are in the same situation).
What about the other stacks for config management sig ? like puppet (you
?) , cfgengine, salt , etc ?
AFAIK nobody built anything (yet) for that SIG, so would be good to sync
about it

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