[CentOS-devel] CentOS PaaS SIG meeting (2017-08-16)

Troy Dawson

tdawson at redhat.com
Wed Aug 16 15:23:55 UTC 2017

It's time for our weekly PaaS SIG sync-up meeting

Time: 1700 UTC - Wedensdays (date -d "1700 UTC")
Date: Today Wedensday, 16 August 2017
Where: IRC- Freenode - #centos-devel

- OpenShift Current Status
-- rpms
-- Automated rpm building and Automated testing
-- Multi-arch
-- Documentation
-- Images and Image building
-- minishift (marcindulak and lalatenduM)
-- kompose (cdrage (candate) pradeepto (india) and tkral (brno))
- Open Floor

Minutes from last meeting:

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