[CentOS-devel] OpenShift Origin 3.6 is released on CentOS

Troy Dawson

tdawson at redhat.com
Fri Aug 18 19:43:58 UTC 2017

We have officially released OpenShift Origin 3.6 on CentOS.

You should be able to install it via our generic repo, which tracks
the latest release.

yum install centos-release-openshift-origin
yum install origin-clients (or whichever package you want)

You should also be able to install it via our release specific repo

yum install centos-release-openshift-origin36
yum install origin-clients (or whichever package you want)


One item of note.  The new 3.6.0 packages have a release of
1.0.c4dd4cf as opposed to the release naming scheme we've used
previously (1.el7 for example).
The builds are now being built automatically. The origin spec file, by
default, builds with the shortened git hash in the release field.  All
the previous builds were done manually, and I manually changed the
release field to be what it was.
If this is a real concern, we can change the automation to fix it.
But right now we are working on automated testing, so we can get
origin packages released quicker.  So even if we do decide to change
the release naming scheme back, it will take a while.

Thank you to everyone who helped get this release out.  Especially to
Ari, and everyone else who helped with the automation.

Troy Dawson

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