[CentOS-devel] Status Update: Centos Community Container Pipeline

me at tdiehl.org

me at tdiehl.org
Fri Aug 4 14:47:23 UTC 2017

On Fri, 4 Aug 2017, Bamacharan Kundu wrote:

> Hi Alexander,
> On 08/03/2017 11:43 PM, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
>> Am 03.08.2017 um 14:30 schrieb Bamacharan Kundu:
>>> Hi All,
>>>     Here is an update on the recent works done in Centos Community
>>> Container Pipeline
>>>     * Registry is now accessible through UI,https://registry.centos.org.
>>> we have only https enabled for now. This lists down all the images and
>>> tags  in the registry[1].
>> Hi,
>> UI access to the registry is certainly helpful, but that specific tool
>> misses useful features. Just to name that there is no way to sort the
>> table view i.e. by created column
> Thanks for the suggestion, this is the basic UI. We will improve it to
> make it more usefull.
>> Couldn't you use the Openshift repository?
> Do you mean atomic-registry? we planned for the same in first go.
> but there is discussions going on for deprecating it.
> http://post-office.corp.redhat.com/archives/aos-devel/2017-May/msg00542.html

Is the above a private url? I get: 
"post-office.corp.redhat.com’s server DNS address could not be found." when
I try to access it.


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