[CentOS-devel] test builds on private server (drivers, kernel, media, mesa, winehq, java)

Andreas Benzler

andreas at benzlerweb.de
Sat Feb 4 21:33:01 UTC 2017

Hello Guys,

this is a duplicate from the standard centos at centos.org mailing list.

MIght be interest for a developer. Thanks ...

from christmas till now I updated follow packages in my privated builds:


Drivers: libdrm 2.4.75 (update) 
         vulkan 1.0.3

Kernel: 4.9.1 & firmware (update)

Media: Kodi 17.0 + pvr addons & vlc 2.2.4 (update)

Mesa: 13.0.4 with d3dadapter and vulkan (update)

WineHQ: wine 2.0.1 & wine-stage 2.0.1 (update), winetricks


Oracle Java 1.8.0 121
Netbeans 8.2.1



PS: This are no signed packages, but the source 

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