[CentOS-devel] test builds on private server (drivers, kernel, media, mesa, winehq, java)

Andreas Benzler

andreas at benzlerweb.de
Tue Feb 7 08:19:45 UTC 2017

Hello Karanbir Singh,

why not.In my opinion the driver repository and kernel repository  part
go hand in hand.

What I do not offer are the official drivers of AMD and NVIDIA.

All other places on my server are most of "playground". Personal test
suites like "will it work?".

At home I still got a harddisc with arch linux and I can not use my
multimedia stuff. I talk about simple video streams. In times whenI
jump right into it, the NUX repo doesn't work for me.

But I will reserve a complete repository, there is enough out there.

I would nevertheless like to let others participate.



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