[CentOS-devel] CentOS PaaS SIG meeting (2017-02-08)

Troy Dawson

tdawson at redhat.com
Wed Feb 8 23:23:29 UTC 2017

Notes from meeting

On Wed, Feb 8, 2017 at 10:02 AM, Troy Dawson <tdawson at redhat.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> It's time for our weekly PaaS SIG sync-up meeting
> Time: 1700 UTC - Wedensdays
> Date: Today Wedensday, 08 February 2017
> Where: IRC- Freenode - #centos-devel
> Agenda:
> - OpenShift Current StatusI
> -- rpms
> --- Pass / No Pass for origin 1.4.1 and openshift-ansible

The following rpms have been tagged into release.  The should
hopefully be released onto the mirrors tomorrow.

The following rpm has been built and tagged into testing.  We plan on
releasing it next week.

> -- Documentation
> -- Automated testing and Automated rpm building

Ari and Steve K. are talking about combining openshift origins
automation with the CentOS Paas.  More to come next week.

> -- images / image building
> -- Multi-arch

The patch so we can build on aarch64, ppc64le, x86_64 and even s390
using the same rpm is on it's way.

Meanwhile we now have a origin 1.5-alpha build in cbs for

Due to their alpha status these will not be coming to a repo near you.
But you can grab them from cbs.

> - Discussion on having seperate repo for each release
> -- paas7-openshift-origin-1.4, paas7-openshift-origin-1.5

We will be telling upstream openshift we are up to this.  If they say
they want to do it, we'll be requesting the various tags and targets.

> - Open Floor

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