[CentOS-devel] Anyone using the serial console from our Vagrant boxes?

Laurentiu Pancescu lpancescu at gmail.com
Wed May 3 11:58:11 UTC 2017


The default boot parameters of our Vagrant images activate a serial 
console.  The problem is that VirtualBox doesn't enable a serial port by 
default, and our boxes hang if they really need to use the console, e.g. 
during relabeling[1] or during the initial configuration required for 
sealed VM templates (what I'm currently trying for Hyper-V support).

Is anyone using the serial console we provide?  If not, I can just 
remove the console=ttyS0 parameter from the kernel command line. 
Otherwise, a patch for Image Factory is trivial - I can just the set the 
port to enabled in the XML file, without the cable connected, and 
probably move console=tty0 on the last position, so it becomes the 
active console.

Libvirt and VMware don't cause this problem, because they either have a 
serial port by default, or pretend it's there if the guest tries to use 
it.  No idea if Hyper-V or Xen default to having a serial port.

I would like to fix this for version 1704, which should be released in 
the following days.


[1] https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=13213

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