[CentOS-devel] Anyone using the serial console from our Vagrant boxes?

Laurentiu Pancescu lpancescu at gmail.com
Wed May 3 15:52:41 UTC 2017

On 03/05/17 17:08, Patrick Lang wrote:
> It isn't enabled by default in Hyper-V. It would be easy for me to add though in Vagrant if needed. Let me know.
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If there's no guarantee there's a serial port in all Vagrant providers, 
we should probably not default to activating a serial console - 
especially since the guests are usually headless and they can hang 
indefinitely during boot because of this.  The images I sent you today 
don't use the serial console any more.

The Vagrant images v1704 are already released (the build I did this 
weekend), they are available on cloud.centos.org along with the 
gpg-signed checksums.  Hopefully Atlas will also be updated soon.  If we 
find a solution for Hyper-V, we can probably add it as another provider 
in this release.  It's actually just CentOS Linux 6 holding us back, I 
hope the latest images fix the NIC renaming problem.

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