[CentOS-devel] Update on CentOS Community Container Pipeline

Bamacharan Kundu bkundu at redhat.com
Wed May 10 13:14:21 UTC 2017

  Below is an update on recent works for CentOS Community Container Pipeline
   * Now emails from prod and test are distinguished, by prepending test
to subject for emails from test.
   * Filters are added for scanner rpm verify for centos base image issues.
   * Changed email notification for the user to address the image name
   * Issues with linter are fixed now to make sure it does not point
registry.centos.org as invalid registry.
   * Configurable logrotate policy is added to make sure worker logs are
handled properly.
   * For every deployment, fresh images are now pulled for
container-pipeline dependency images.

Our current focus is on:
   * Get test_worker and internal registry working with build streamline.
   * Make Dockerfile lint trigger work with Mail worker to send an email
if Dockerfile is not present at git_path.
   * Fix issues with weekly scan mail to point to proper logs
   * Fix errors coming for services when they are not able to
communicate to beanstalk
   * Work on email module to be able to receive send email request from
all other module
   * Logging - Storing logs per build and also having shadow rotating
logfile where all logs are streamlined

We are working to get the below projects in registry.centos.org
    * sentry
    * ScyllaDB
    * MonetDB
    * Review board

Bama Charan Kundu

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