[CentOS-devel] CERN pre-dojo meeting topic : Sig request for sig specific git

Fabian Arrotin arrfab at centos.org
Tue Oct 24 08:59:29 UTC 2017

sigs would like to use centpkg / lookaside, build direct through git to koji
authentication requirements to accounts.centos.org
Fabian to evaluate git solutions and report back to sig chairs.
mrunge has volunteered to be the "guinea pig" of the new system

So let's start the thread, to be sure that all involved people would be
able to comment.
SIGs would like to start building from git, and not from SRPMs they have
to create/upload themselves.

For GIT itself, several options exist :
- using git.centos.org : that would mean SIG would need access to
specific repositories and also a "lookaside cache" feature to not store
binary blogs/tarballs in git itself. And that would also need an
authentication backend that the current solution would need to be tied to

- using github : most people have probably a GH account, so everything
can be hosted there, and for the "lookaside cache", Github has LFS
support built-in so that would need
re-tooling correctly centos-packager to use that (but no rpm yet for
git-lfs client side). Problem would be suddenly that we only rely on GH
to build packages/artifacts on cbs.centos.org

- using other "on premise" git solution , close to the CBS builders :
from my quick research, I'll probably have a look at gitlab, but gitea
was on my radar and it implements natively :
  - LFS support (so "lookaside" cache without having to write an app for
that, and so using directly also the repo ACL to let people store
  - openid/oauth2 support (so we can then also reuse
https://accounts.centos.org, through https://id.centos.org IdP

Waiting for comments/input/feedback on those points
Fabian Arrotin
The CentOS Project | http://www.centos.org
gpg key: 56BEC54E | twitter: @arrfab

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