[CentOS-devel] LinchPin v1.5.1 (update) has been released

Thu Feb 8 16:24:33 UTC 2018
Clint Savage <herlo at redhat.com>

We are happy to announce that LinchPin v1.5.1 has been released. This
release has the following updates:

* The command line shell now enables ansible verbose output (#456)
* Made the uHash optional for instances and inventory files (#458)
* Adjusted the default location of the RunDB to the workspace (#458)
* General cleanup  (#461)
  * Update the README
  * Remove references to outdated documentation.
  * Remove unused schemas and documentation.
* Fixed documentation example links (#453)
* Make generating resources optional (#462)
* Additional libvirt updates (#464)
  * Add detail about libvirt and image copying rights to Provider doc
  * Libvirt supports 'become' functionality as an unprivileged user
* Additional Documentation improvements to Getting Started Guide (#464)
  * Updated `mkvirtualenv` docs to point out the ``-p`` switch for newer
distros with Python 3.x installed
* Made aws topology option `keypair` optional (#466)

The official release notes are available at

This update is available via PyPI: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/linchpin

If you discover any errors or regressions, please open a Github issue (

Cheers and enjoy!

Clint Savage
LinchPin Maintainer
Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
twitter: @herlo, github: herlo, IRC: herlo, #linchpin
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