[CentOS-devel] Status Update: CentOS Community Container Pipeline Service 28-Feb-2018

Wed Feb 28 13:36:19 UTC 2018
Bamacharan Kundu <bkundu at redhat.com>

Hi All,
    Here is an update on the recent works done in Centos Community
Container Pipeline
   * https://registry.centos.org is updated with new UI allowing users
	* search through the content
	* shows the dockerfile from which the image is built
        * Shows the Readme from the repo which mostly talks about the
usage of the image
   * We have refactored garbage collector to get proper diff in
container-index and registry.centos.org for removing extra images pushed
to registry in build time.
   * We have disable the centos/centos:* base images to be excluded in
RPM repo tracking. This will make sure these images are only updated in
case of changes pushed to source repo.

Our recent focus is:

    * We are developing API for exposing the build data from back end to
show more details in registry UI.
    * Fixing beanstalk connection initialization method
    * Fix pre-build job entries CI to not check for target file
    * Fixes bug in dangling volume cleanup post scan
    * Prevents logging unnecessary recurring queue operational messages

Bamacharan Kundu