[CentOS-devel] CentOS Storage SIG contribution.

Tue Feb 13 16:07:21 UTC 2018
Niels de Vos <ndevos at redhat.com>

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 07:32:40PM -0300, Javier Romero wrote:
> Hi Niels,
> Thank you very much for your answer!
> I'm interesting in contributing with Gluster, maybe on the testing
> area or assisting with packages maintenance,

If you want to help out with the packaging, subscribe to the
packaging at gluster.org [0] list to get notifications about new releases.
All packages are currently maintained on GitHub [1]. Have a look at the
main glusterfs package [2], it has a README and several branches for the
different versions. Once a new version is available from the Gluster
Community, reply to the packaging list to inform us that you want to
take care of it. You will have to react fast, we try to package the new
versions as soon as possible after the release. Send a PullRequest with
the updated .spec so that we can review and merge it.

> Have also been working with KVM virtual machines in the ISP Datacenter
> for the last eight years, and with Docker since 2015, so think that
> can also help with container and VM images if this can be useful.

We do have a Gluster container in the CentOS Container Index [3], but
would like to have different versions. At the moment, we actively
maintain Gluster versions 3.10, 3.12, 3.13 and are preparing for 4.0.
Ideally we should have a container for each version.

I do not know what is possible for VM images. Maybe we can provide a
Vagrant box [4], but you would have to find out what is needed for that.

Let me know if you want more details, I and others on this list should
be able to assist with getting you started.


0. http://lists.gluster.org/mailman/listinfo/packaging
1. https://github.com/CentOS-Storage-SIG
2. https://github.com/CentOS-Storage-SIG/glusterfs
3. https://github.com/CentOS/container-index
4. https://app.vagrantup.com/centos