[CentOS-devel] LinchPin v1.5.0 has been released

Clint Savage

herlo at redhat.com
Tue Jan 16 17:21:29 UTC 2018

This release marks some major enhancements and features:

* Reworked provider roles
* Schema validation is done using the cerberus json validator, replacing
the jsonschema validator
* New API layout
* Allow external providers
* Dynamic Input and Templating
* Documentation rework

Bug fixes in this release:

Partial completion of beaker provision results in no inventory file #289
fails on centos6 #405
Create inception-based testing for libvirt functionality enhancement #158

Many thanks to Bill Peck for creating container-based tests for many of the
major distros, and for testing libvirt, duffy, and dummy modules. More to

The official release notes are available at

This update is available via PyPI: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/linchpin

If you discover any errors or regressions, please open a Github issue (

Cheers and enjoy!

Clint Savage
LinchPin Maintainer
Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
twitter: @herlo, github: herlo, IRC: herlo, #linchpin
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