[CentOS-devel] Infrastructure management change for Fedora

Jim Perrin

jperrin at centos.org
Wed Jan 17 20:04:13 UTC 2018

On 01/17/2018 11:51 AM, Alan Bartlett wrote:

> Jim,
> I have to ask . . . Will you still have time to "sweep the floors"
> within "CentOS Towers"?


Oh sure, I see how it is.. I leave the easy office-space jokes for
everyone to comment on, but NOOOOOOOO.....

I'll still have time for CentOS yes. My new role mostly just means fun
new tasks like "approve expense reports" and "approve PTO, subject to
toracat's decrees". It really shouldn't impact much in the way of day to
day floor cleanings.

Jim Perrin
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