[CentOS-devel] how to disable nscd and nm-dispatcher logs from centos console.

Wed Jun 6 11:28:22 UTC 2018
Veetil, Vyshnav <Vyshnav.Veetil at harman.com>

After upgraded to CentOS7.4 we are getting some logs printed on the console.
nscd logs are getting printed after executing  the command
service nscd restart.

Nm-dispatcher logs are getting printed on the console after every restart.

Can you please suggest any solution for disabling this logs.


Please find the attached config files using for nscd and NetworkManager.(/etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf)

Also please find the nscd logs getting printed on the console after executing
service nscd restart

nscd: 4220 monitoring file '/etc/passwd'
nscd: 4220 monitoring directory '/etc/(2)
nscd: 4220 monitoring file '/etc/group'(3)

nm-dispatcher logs are getting printed on the console after every reboot.

localhost login:nm-dispatcher:req:1 'hostname':new request (4 scripts)
nm-dispatcher: req:2 'up' [eth0]: new request (4 scripts)
nm-dispatcher: req:2 'up' [eth0]: start running ordered scripts...
nm-dispatcher: req:3 'connectivity-change': new request (4 scripts)
nm-dispatcher: req:4 'hostname':new request (4 scripts)
nm-dispatcher: req:4 'hostname':start running ordered scripts...

Can you please provide a solution for disabling this logs from console ?

Thanks and Regards,

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