[CentOS-devel] Experimental Vagrant images

Thu Jun 28 04:30:07 UTC 2018
Laurentiu Pancescu <lpancescu at centosproject.org>

Hi there,

I would like to change the Vagrant images to use a single partition 
(xfs) and swap to a file on that partition.  This would simplify 
resizing the OS partition and also adjusting the size of the swap, 
compared to the current images.  Would anyone be interested in testing 
the images?  Please email me off-list for the links.  I already had the 
changes done last month, tested them myself and on CICO but didn't get 
to wider testing or merging the PR for the monthly release... life is 
bit complicated lately. :)

The only gotcha with swapping to a file is that you have to create the 
swap file with dd, as fallocate doesn't work properly on XFS.  The 
experimental images come with a preconfigured swap, so this is only 
important if you want to change to another swap size.