[CentOS-devel] Status of Ansible within CentOS 7 and SIGs

Sat Jun 9 23:35:32 UTC 2018
Nico Kadel-Garcia <nkadel at gmail.com>

On Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 10:54 PM, Ken Dreyer <kdreyer at redhat.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 6, 2018 at 5:24 AM, Nico Kadel-Garcia <nkadel at gmail.com> wrote:
>> For anyone not paying close attention: The "latest upstream" from RHEL in
>> the "extras" channel is a 2.4 release, the "latest upstream" from EPEL is
>> 2.5. This is going to continue to cause update confusion depending on which
>> non-default channel is activated. If you want the "latest upstream" from
>> ansible source for ovirt, you need the EPEL version, not the RHEL extras
>> version.
> The RHEL 7 Extras version of the ansible package is dead and will not
> receive updates.
> ftp://ftp.redhat.com/redhat/linux/enterprise/7Server/en/Ansible/SRPMS/
> has the "Ansible Engine" channel's RPMs ( not "RHEL Extras" ).
> Compared to what happened with RHEL 7 Extras in the past, I anticipate
> that the SRPM versions there will be rev'd more quickly.
> - Ken

That channel now has a 2.5.4 release as of 5/4/2018, last Monday.
*Good*. Is there a distinct channel now for CentOS, to harvest that
package outside of EPEL or extras, distinct as the this channel is
distinct? I don't see one in the current CentOS repos. Without that,
and without getting out of EPEL, I suspect we're just going to see a