[CentOS-devel] ETA when PaaS SIG 3.9 will fix the "SerialFileGenerator starts at 2" issue?

Rich Megginson

rmeggins at redhat.com
Wed Mar 7 22:33:08 UTC 2018

The current 3.9 centos paas repos are at v3.9.0-alpha.4.  However, I 
cannot deploy origin 3.9.0-alpha.4 using ansible (openshift-ansible 
latest release-3.9 branch) because I run into this issue:

TASK [openshift_master : Wait for API to become available] 
         "* NSS error -8054 (SEC_ERROR_REUSED_ISSUER_AND_SERIAL)",
         "* You are attempting to import a cert with the same 
issuer/serial as an existing cert, but that is not the same cert.",

This was fixed by 95e262011438642410959914c3db9868c57739ff

But that's at commit v3.9.0-alpha.4-426-g95e2620114

I realize the PaaS SIG is trying to stay in sync with official origin 
tags/releases, but I think that origin 3.9.0-alpha.4 simply isn't 
deployable using ansible.

Alternately, is there a workaround?

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