[CentOS-devel] Status update: CentOS Community Container Pipeline Service 14-Mar-2018

Bamacharan Kundu

bkundu at redhat.com
Wed Mar 14 13:21:14 UTC 2018

  Here is an update on the recent works done in Centos Community
Container Pipeline Service
    * Fixing beanstalk connection initialization method
    * Gates pep8 on service code before running actual tests
    * Cleans the log file with redundant queue operational messages
    * Prevents logging unnecessary recurring queue operational messages

Our current focus is:
    * Fix docker run command for INSTALL labels of scanners
    * Fix weekly scan to read through all yaml and yml container-index
    * Fix pre-build job entries CI to not check for target file
    * Enabling automatic garbage collector runs in cron
    * Fix pipeline scanner image rootfs unmounting

Bamacharan Kundu

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