[CentOS-devel] [Cloud SIG] Updates from Cloudstack

Rohit Yadav

rohit at yadav.cloud
Wed Mar 21 11:36:12 UTC 2018


I may not be able to contribute and join weekly meetings before 12th April
due to current/upcoming holidays. I'll share updates here:

- CloudStack completed 5yrs with the ASF
- I've proposed getting CloudStack bug reporting to move to Github issues,
making it easier for developer+users communities to use a single portal. It
would be interesting to know how other communities handle bug reporting and
PR/code reviews.
- We are yet to finish work on our packaging scripts to build
redistributable rpms that can go through CentOS bugs/CI as next steps.
- We're gathering information on getting CloudStack packages in Debian via
their mentors programme.
- I'm hoping to resume work after mid April on with CentOS SIG and Debian
mentors to get CloudStack packages published via distro repos, targetting (the next LTS version/release).

Rohit Yadav
PMC/Committer Apache CloudStack
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