[CentOS-devel] LinchPin v1.5.3 (update) has been released

Clint Savage

herlo at redhat.com
Mon May 7 18:29:49 UTC 2018

We are happy to announce that LinchPin v1.5.3 has been released. This
release has the following updates:

This release marks some useful enhancements and features:

   - Add support for passing instance_tags for aws driver. (#541
   - Add name in topology for bkr_server, os_server, aws_ec2 resources,
   include in distilled data (#550
   - Add auto_ip option to os_server resources (#552
   - Add security_group as a list to aws_ec2 resources (#557

Additional bugs were also fixed along the way:

   - linchpin up AWS target fails when using CREDS_PATH (#497
   - use match instead of equalto for rhel7/centos7 (#537
   - Fix TypeError when missing template-data (#539
   - Fixup reporting issues, other minor fixes (#565
      - removed errant if/else which was providing incorrect return code
      output to the user
      - Add no_log in a few places which would display sensitive data
      - Moved the code for distilling data into a distill_data method

Documentation was updated as well:

   - Updated credentials format for all providers (514)
   - Documented the Context Distiller (#523
   - Documented what is required for each provider topology (#487

The official release notes are available at https://github.com/CentOS-PaaS

This update is available via PyPI: https://pypi.org/project/linchpin/

If you discover any errors or regressions, please open a Github issue (


Clint Savage
LinchPin Maintainer
Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
twitter: @herlo, github: herlo, IRC: herlo, #linchpin (freenode)
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