[CentOS-devel] Issue with selinux load_policy command

Veetil, Vyshnav

Vyshnav.Veetil at harman.com
Wed May 23 12:48:47 UTC 2018

We have done changes in our Centos7.4 to disable unconfined user from our code. We have created an iso in which we have replaced unconfined
with sysadm and we are performing an upgrade using the new iso. After upgrade current partition stop working .
It started expecting policies for unconfined. When we perform a reboot things started working fine again.

We are suspecting some issues with this command "load_policy -qi"
When this command is being executed on partB in permissive mode and after we move system to enforcing mode.
It start giving denials for unconfined.
Can you explain what exactly load_policy do?
Does it load the policies for all the partitions of the system ?

Thanks and Regards,

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